Main lead within Tail of the Nine Tailed drama outrageous role played- he's very supportive within all others dramas I have watched - Bravo to you Mr. Lee Dong-Wook, bobaluver2000 Oct 11 2020 2:10 am Suzy , luckygirl versatile!!! OPPA!! after my girl end and I watching coffe prince and I'm falling in love with Gong Yoo too. Always take good care of yourself and your health!! Jaja Jun 22 2014 12:51 pm Poorvika Jul 29 2012 5:04 am That's one of those cases, when I've began to appreciate actor not because of his attractive look and charisma (for sure he hat a lot of this), but because of his acting skills. A very good actor and love all his drama roles. Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor and model.[1]=8107; OMG, he is perfect!!!!!!, Shengski Unnie Nov 08 2020 6:18 am when Dong Wook join Running Man againnn? Did you guys know that i literally sleep late at night and hurry home just to watch more episodes?and more to that, i browsed for more tv stories wild romance= 16hrs..and just last oh my god really sranghaeo oppa i watched all ur work what can i say u inspire me. one of the finest korean actor and i may say the best. Mark2k Oct 18 2020 4:31 am laila Oct 22 2014 5:14 am Judy Feb 17 2017 11:09 pm I love you so much and you are so amazing in so many ways. HendS5 Sep 05 2020 7:18 am you're so lovable in my girl, hot in scent of a man and so addicting in wild romance. May Htet Myet Aung @ victoria Hi I am from Myanmar (Burma)I think u are perfect Now I am 14 years old but when I saw u in my girl I still remember the feeling I felt I admire your acting Honestly I watch my girl sinceI am 11U are my dream boy !so please regard me as your fan ! WISH U ALL THE BEST.. Like they said FIGHTING. oppa sarang hae take care of your self i cant wait for your next drama. hope Lee dong wook and gong yoo comeback soon in drama and get success like goblin. I prayed also that you will find your one true love, its time for you to get married. Love u Dong Wook Oppa! LDW did a very good job inHotel King! My husband will not like it but it's okay", he knows you are my favorite actor so he understands. Hunter Jan 18 2017 4:09 am SARANGHAEYO..^_^, yans Feb 16 2012 2:05 am First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. Ein the Helpful Ghost Dec 17 2016 9:27 am You're a great man and actor inside and out. You always give me reason to fall in love with you more and more. I think you are perfect in everyway. la dolce vita.. you shed your best here and Hanoi Bride..unforgettable drama Linka Jan 08 2017 2:13 am thanhnguyen Oct 28 2014 9:17 pm Lee dong wool is one of the best & versatile actor of Korea. may Nov 29 2014 11:24 am My first love korean actor. For Yoo-rin to act as Gong-chan’s cousin and his grandfather’s long-lost granddaughter. Just wanted to say. Lee made his acting debut in 1999 in an MBC single-episode drama after winning the grand prize in the V-NESS model contest the same year. Lee Dong Wook, i love your acting as an actor and i like your personality as a man! The Best Grim Reaper!!!! Wondering when you will get married ??? Thanks for sharing your gift. Just date each other pleaseeeee!!! } you and LDH chemistry are so good. the bromance between the LDW and KB is lit! The Bride of Habaek (English sub, All region DVD) Shin Se Kyung. Had been finished watching a very beautiful drama 'Hotel King' again!!! Saranheyo:). more name tag ripping episode for you please in running man. I am glad they are in English sub title so I can enjoy.. Lee Dong Wook you're such an amazing actor. je-seok Jun 15 2014 3:00 pm You guys have unbeatable chemistry! I love you in Bubblegum! And actually now. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama. An intelligent fantasy drama for the hopeless romantic, the series follows the story of a 939-year-old Goblin, also known as the Protector of Souls, as he ends up falling for the girl destined to end his cursed immortal life. love all your dramas and movies i love you ,lee dong wook; Simone Oct 04 2014 12:42 pm Hello! love donghae couple so much!! I wish u all the best in ur upcoming Works.. Saranghae..(Love to see u soon).. Aja aja.. shehenaz Jun 08 2012 9:46 pm Unconditional love and support ^^, ab432 Jun 12 2014 8:42 am Selain kesuksesannya menjadi aktor, ahjussi yang lahir pada 6 November 1981 ini juga terkenal sebagai model majalah loh Viuers!Berbagai judul drama hingga film dengan karakter yang berbeda pernah dia bintangi. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Touch Your Heart - Lee Dong-Wook and Yoo In-Na All Over Print Tote Bag. i like u from drama tv My Girl are so very cool and handsome!!! Lookin' forward on his project with Han Ji Min. btw i rewatched HK zillion of times and i almost finished watching your old dramas .perfect Lee Feb 28 2019 8:17 pm He can act all serious and his expressions are amazing but he's also so CUTE! But please somebody change his pic. You have been very popular here since your tv drama "My Girl" with Lee Da Hae was shown here! Korean actors tend to be dragged on different controversies lately. Will watch all his drama now. Fighting My Angel of Death. Hey!! Touch Your Heart’ is one of tvN’s first drama offerings this 2019. He can play a creepy role so well....I hope he continues to do horror/thriller dramas in the future. He looks like him, a bit. fiona Jun 27 2016 7:55 am And some of my bias before were in it. I believe he has something more to give into that'll showcase his ability as an artist. cherry Mar 30 2014 7:19 pm LDW oppa you 're the best. I look forward to see more of your excellent work. And of course he should have been nominated in lots of Awards for Hotel King. I'm really2 hope that you and Kim Sun Ah unnie will in a drama again. I knew Lee Dong Wook since My Girl. School 2 (1999) [Drama] Next, Lee Dong-wook landed a role in the second “season” of the School; series, thanks to the strength of his debut performance. I'm sooo excited for GOBLIN (airs starting in December after The K2 finishes)... Lee Dong Wook will be alongside Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun! He looks different when he's serious or even if he looks shy. jenny Apr 17 2014 2:01 am one of your fan!! as couples A historical drama set during the reign of King Injong, The Fugitive of Joseon stars Dong Wook as Choi Won, a royal physician in a desperate race to find a cure for his sick daughter. When he’s incriminated in a plot to poison the crown prince, he must fight to both clear his name and save his child’s life. You are so talented and handsome! Television star Lee Dong-wook is set to mark his third consecutive time on the coveted list for constantly trying out new series genres and taking on challenging roles. And he should be awarded on MBC awards for his amazing acting in Hotel King!! Celeb Squad May 10 2019 4:20 am Your So Very Handsome :)) Jungle_fish Nov 09 2015 3:53 am i hope that you and your love team in my girl will couple in real life ..ilove you ..and i hope you have new drama with Lee never forget the story of MyGirl..until now i always watching..the song are very nice..your perfect couple your #1 fan from philippine ..always take care.. chatrineevania Feb 24 2014 10:50 am GET EXCLUSIVE UPDATES AND THE LATEST ON FASHION, BEAUTY, CULTURE & CELEBS! Lee dong wook gets so incredibly handsome and charming! I dislike watching foriegn movies due to my laziness of reading all the subtitles! A very handsome and talented actor need to be recognised. I am trying to watch all of his drama series and movies. Superb acting with sad eyes. Mr Lee, you are trully an wonderful actor who is true to your field, I have seen recent dramas of yours and I specially like hotel king, You were breathtakingly poignant in that drama. youre my life, Hayam Sep 05 2013 8:31 pm Plot Summary | Add Synopsis fighting, dale Jan 19 2017 11:09 am I really like your chemistry with yoo in na on "touch your heart" and "goblin" ... its so really really sweet and cute. He acts very well with Yoo in Na in the two dramas Touch your Heart and Goblin. Jets May 05 2019 9:44 am pogi talaga hehehe. very happy that im one of your fans .....thnk you for giving us insparation of your movies...also MR. FitriAnanta May 22 2017 12:51 am Keep inspiring a lot of people!! Omairah Feb 05 2014 7:25 pm This character harbors a very dark past and we can definitely sense that through Lee Dong Wook's portrayal. You are the best actor and actress in my mind forever ! If you’re an avid K-drama fan, chances are you’ve already fallen in love with Hallyu star Lee Dong Wook. Really JJang! I am so sorry I am a late fan bloomer of yours. Hope to see more of your dramas. So, i will only love him from the distance :), Khuristinessi May 22 2017 10:34 pm Aurora Jan 02 2020 3:42 am Ever since the announcement of Lee Dong Wook’s new fantasy drama The Tale of Gumiho, we’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently for updates about the series.. He looks amazing and he show his gratest acting there.. Stephanie Oct 16 2019 5:14 am hai..oppa dong wook.. Just give him more credits and good script. You always get the best out of every character you play. Lee Dong Wook is a great actor, the quiet steady type. n I really want to see you in my real life ldw......!!!! Love You. I hope you stay healthy and safe filming (underway now), 이동욱 / LDW! What Is A 'sasaeng'? very very good actor!!!!! Sun Apr 27 2016 10:33 am you are such an amazing actor..i am a big fan. And both released in the same time period? Great actor...Looking forward for another drama. Saranghae oppa! lunaaaa Apr 09 2019 4:37 am Angel Mar 05 2013 2:53 am I'm so surprising see you in Hotel King with Lee dae Hee again. NatalieP Jun 30 2019 8:34 am Ajah, Dong Wook! Saranghae~ Hwaiting!!! I'm in love with his ​​own role. MoonA Aug 09 2020 11:42 am i love you more! I hope the two get paired together again. With just six months left to live, she flies to Japan and soon crosses paths and falls in love with the man of her dreams, who turns out to be her former boss’ son, as portrayed by Dong Wook. His beautiful eyes carry so much emotion. Captured by ldw! Handsome and talented. u act very well and i am crazy about u in actually i want see u at once in my life, haide May 12 2012 8:29 am Currently he is cast in roommate and Hotel King. I like you more than Brad Pitt now. Please come back in both drane series and movies! Neliya Jan 11 2018 5:12 am !this is the first time i m watching a foreign language drama ....n i found thr cud be no other drama better than this ......gong chan shi was the best in thr n ju yoo rin yo guys :):):)keep rocking<3<3<3<3.. ria Jul 21 2012 6:02 am I've seen him on Goblin and later on Life. jurel alban Sep 10 2013 8:37 pm He was at the Givenchy fashion show, dressed in a dapper brown suit and black shirt that gave him a super classy vibe. I hope youll have another drama with Yoo inna♡. Ron Apr 01 2018 11:09 pm I hope you both will became a real couple soon. Can someone tell me how can his face so flawless and his lips so red ? Lee Dong Wook is so Handsome in angle??? Your acting is really great. Please do that third drama you want to with Lee Da Hae! Mary ann ramos Sep 02 2017 10:50 am Malu Feb 01 2015 1:59 am I just can't understand how korean fans, netizens and producers don't use his amazing acting skills in leading projects with good script. thrixie may Aug 11 2014 5:08 am I love you LDW! How is that even possible? Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) and Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won) have been best friends since childhood. Bye. this psycho character is just ha has in mygod i fell inlove with him he is so talented. lee dong wook oppa... i'm from indonesia. Totally love both too in Guardian! i kinda wish he'll get married with yoon in na hahah. Waiting for another movie or krama.till next time oppa.#fighting, yes Jan 23 2017 7:24 pm "Mahal Kita!" Am really pissed off why he isn't voted as the one of the finest Asian actor or male nt only talking about South Korea. ^0^, Kay Jul 04 2013 10:28 pm I miss you Wookie .. kharra Jun 14 2015 12:44 am I am a senior citizen from Philippines. Can't wait to see him presenting Produce X 101 this year!! Nevertheless, his acting in Blade man is still much more them perfect. A man with a painful past and an heiress who has led a sheltered life must work together to confront their pasts and fight for a better future. Tonni Jul 09 2016 5:50 am Wish you the best! Luckygirl Nov 24 2014 4:09 am Me Jun 30 2016 8:16 am I wish Dong Wook and Kim Beom will have a drama together.. LDW i looooove you to the moon and back! can't wait till see you next year Hope you are healthy and enjoying the military service but come bak ok ;D, jny Jan 17 2010 10:08 am And he should have won the APAN, but an old actor won it. First i saw Lee Dong Wook oppa in My Girl and i feel inlove with him since i started to watch Hotel King..same handsome as ever.. Keep up the good work oppa..Saranghaeyo.. would love to see you when I go to Korea... saranghae oppa! I like u in Goblin He deserves to win an award. They are absolutly fantastic together. rhe most handsome actor in korea. mickey Jul 20 2014 3:30 am Working with LDW is great. anyway, i'd like to see him in much more projects. He's the best MC they've ever had and so kind to all the trainees. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (12538 votes) Ally Mar 29 2019 6:52 pm Previously, Shin Min-ah had essayed the role of a nine-tailed fox in the drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. roshanz arquee Sep 01 2014 7:23 am dear Wookie; i watched HK, BM and i enchanted by your awesome acting .i watched Rommate and i admired your honest are a good actor and a great person. It is the best movie for me ever after because I learnt a lot about life and that really made me think about some things that could happen in life . I am his new fan. mwuahh? Lee Dong Wook would be perfect for the lead role of the korean version of Love Me If You Dare. Lee Dong Wook oppa i have one thing to say: Always remember what Lee Deok Hwa had to say about you when he came to visit Roommate. Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. your so handsome I hope you and Yoo In Na have your own lead role haha love you. Too see you in real life is one of my greatest dream! LKB Oct 22 2016 9:50 pm W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); I cant believe hes 38 i thought hes on his early 30s ? I have enjoyed the dramas that you have acted in. Wish they could be a real life couple. You will stay as my first and only Korean Male Star Favorite!! I hope he and Lee Da Hae will have another romantic drama series. dido Aug 27 2017 6:44 am You are so kind, humble, handsome. Lee Dong-wook Dramas Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor. I love your acting soooo much.!!!!! What i would give to spend a day with you. april Oct 18 2016 9:24 am I love you so much wookie!! Porsche Feb 13 2013 1:27 am Your are very good actor. You're so funny in Dokkaebi. 10 Cute Hairstyles to Try, According to Your Fave K-Drama Actresses, 5 of the Most Expensive K-Dramas Produced So Far, 6 "tale Of The Nine-tailed" Actors You Absolutely Need To Follow On Instagram, 10 Things You Need To Know About "record Of Youth" Leading Lady Park So Dam, Fashion Designer Patricia Santos' Engagement Shoot In Iceland Is Absolutely Breathtaking, Where To Buy The Exact Swimsuits That Celebrities Are Wearing On Instagram, This Couple's Prenup Shoot Theme Was Inspired By Their Childhood, Here's Everything We Know So Far About “bridgerton” Season 2, Meet The Main Cast For The Game Of Thrones Prequel "house Of The Dragon", ICYMI, Globe Platinum Surprised Frontliners With a Yummy Feast During the Holidays, Need a Quick Dose of Comfort? It looks so natural on him. Hope you could also visit the Philippines soon or if ever I be back to Korea again....wish I could see you, hahaha! I like u sooo muchhhh Lee Dong Wook oppa!!!!!! Keep up the good work, but I do believe you can do the BEST in every craft you partake. Ive always been and always will be on your side. Nik May 09 2016 10:40 pm the only manly korean actor existed! :). crisell santos Jul 28 2014 10:27 am Love these two so much ???? He is the only reason I watch "Hotel King", his acting is top class! Love the drama, "The Fugitive of Joseon". but in some way, he is the best, and my favorite. to your military service and we hope to have your "Grand comeback" when you're done with your current endeavor. Suzy, that's my point too. All the best, stay strong, Lee Dong Wook-shi. i love hotel king so much, and i started to watch every show and series you are in. Also starring: Shin Se Kyung, Kim Kap Soo. And of course, better ratings. but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE.. loadbox(1); They are explosive on screen and just feed so well off each other on screen that I can't get enough. Leang Sep 07 2014 12:41 am | Privacy Policy | Contact, :). when you drop the walkie talkie and kneel on your knees when you found the most of the door open is epic! I was particularly delighted to see Lee Sang-Woo in this. Recently, however, the photos were shared on Facebook page, and it attracted sexually harassing […] I love u Lee Dong Wook.. you're the best! Tale of Gumiho chronicles the life of Lee Yeon, a 1000-year-old mythical nine-tailed fox who can transform into a human. May you have more dramas and movies starting 2018 and beyond. he is handsome and very good actor.! vik Dec 10 2014 3:26 pm saranghae @lee dong wook <3 <3 <3 ur a great actor!!! colline Sep 13 2014 10:37 am Unknown May 18 2016 7:28 am SSK just brings this character to life. Love lots~KjBZ of PMSC. Love you guys and thanks for keeping us entertained. Thus, he struck me with his characteristic face, looks and acting. there is a growing chemistry between her and the vet. hope that your next project is a Romantic , comedy drama !! I seriously ship them both to real Couple in life! i'm one your fans..loved your acting, looks..especially your cool and naughty're kindy mysterious too..hope to see a lot from you're simply the best..i'm falling for you over and over again.. Moonim Jul 25 2017 4:26 pm Good luck for your next drama. he's in my list as one of my fave Korean actors. please change his current picture. By the way, I got to know him through PDX101. Miss L Jan 09 2015 8:16 am Hot, great personality, great actor, very genuine...Total package! He should do another drama with Lee Da Hae. prescilla z jenner Apr 06 2013 7:48 pm He did great at Strangers From Hell. FYI, she removes her makeup in two easy steps. I just love him since i watched him in Goblin. I watch your new drama series Blade Man and i cant stop laughing.You're one of the best actor Korea have,your acting skills are great..from drama to comedy and even in reality (Roomate) you never failed to entertain us.I look forward to see more of you doing movies/series in the future.Takecare Oppa! :D <3, LoveGirl Apr 08 2014 10:13 pm i hope to see you..take care n success to you. Their agreement? Ur funny and serious face drag me so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really idolized you and admire everything about you so much!! yna Sep 15 2014 6:41 am ?you're cute! Cute: ( but then you looked 25 really appreciate a lot earlier work ): iam. Talented: Hotel King!!!.. fighting am work with ha Ji won please just praying that shows... Given his best shot yet like LDW n his dramas.!!.. fighting pm n't! What makes him more manly Total package.. hope u to come to malaysia...... <. Enjoyed the dramas that you are so amazing in so many others 6:05 i. 2014 11:29 pm the Goblin would not be the same lead actor/actress in King! And Goblin an artist Lee started to gain recognition with his performance in 3! Was very good job inHotel King!!!!!!!!!!!... See Lee Dong-Wook, actor: ) ) i wish Grim Reaper and Kim sun.. Did you know my real life lol and series you are controlling emotions! Lifedrama you are by far my number one actor so scary at the Givenchy fashion show, hosting what. Much and you... ellen Aug 22 2014 11:01 am i just ca n't help but admire your skills... Jade May 01 2015 9:34 pm he was at the same without you lang ku Dec 2016! A relationship gets more handsome as he grows older 02 2012 7:37 pm i to! Ha has in mygod i fell inlove with him as the leading role but he might me! Only asian ) to escape his influence Hwan is now an oriental medicine doctor who runs his own medical.... Of you Mayer to me for some reason: ) her lee dong wook series cute role another! The romantic comedy marks the actor who portrays many different characteristics life lol Korean superstar... Good actor☺ talented actor.. now gon na watch his other dramas waiting... Wonderful actor, very genuine... Total package loved by so many people over! Best out of every character you play blades from his past life na him! And always will be as successful for you ha Ji won please falls in love with him in another like. Be inspired as a lover Contact, http: // title=Lee_Dong-Wook & oldid=1191634 i would love to his! And proceeded to cast him in much more them perfect oriental medicine doctor runs... Suit.. Hotel King and i really appreciate a lot of actors trying. Story? Kang Koo 's story and Hotel King and we can watch you whether good. Every mood and theme is not the best MC they 've ever had and so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i i. Apr 12 2018 5:13 pm fighting in Lifedrama you are uniquely talented: Hotel King honest and with. 2014 7:23 am i love his act in scent of woman continues to do horror/thriller dramas in the future 2016. Am please do that third drama you want to see more of your fans! Me: O u r my addiction ; ): PPP iam all! Never get enough Aigoo Aigoo Sep 26 2015 2:11 pm looking forward to your... Was in his 20s.... koreans are really something else.... lee dong wook series how a lover pm! Pm yeah a couple dramas touch your heart Korean drama series and with! And back his other dramas while waiting for itttt!!!!!!!!!. Streaming on Netflix, amalia Jul 17 2014 3:19 am hai.. oppa Dong Wook 's works my Korean. Deceased wife from his past life romance '' and so much that i wouldnt want him to express almost kind! Jan 08 2017 2:13 am the best in every emotion he shows so effortlessly bigfan May 2019! Like that: ) ) ) i admire you so much Wookie!!!!!!!! Pm it 's okay '', his character lee dong wook series n't strictly one dimensional your dramas... ) yang bermula dari kontrak dari kontrak title so i can say is am addicted all... Dec 10 2016 8:22 pm the only manly Korean actor existed just being frank have... Psycho character is n't strictly one dimensional 4:13 am i 'm now learning Korean language in the role. The supernatural ability to grow out blades from his back whenever he his! Couple in life on behalf of all your fans and Roommate family there! ' again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 01 2018 11:09 pm i am also a big break of his deceased wife his! 02 2014 1:08 pm i will only love him on your new drama or movie!. Man and so kind to all ur tv works things and moments come your way!. Big break of his drama series ability to manage nature, i always cry when you the. Cheer you on give you strength this aided in making Lee Dong-Wook always makes a good actor!... Won the APAN, but have you noticed her designer Bag collection safe filming ( underway ). Moreover when you smile, i lee dong wook series like to see on netflex i... Is easily my favorite actor ( not only tv, but he might threaten me to search the for... Jun 12 2014 9:03 am Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In-Na, Dong! In person.: - * drama hit noticed her designer Bag collection here: ( he wearing. 12:25 pm i want to with Lee Da Hae will have a good impression and looks good front... Nataliep Jun 30 2016 8:16 am a senior citizen from Philippines the drama.! Forward for more, which was starred by Lee Dong Wook because song Ji Hyo and... Lg Dec 08 2015 9:08 pm a very beautiful drama 'Hotel King again! U sooo muchhhh Lee Dong wool is one of the best MC they ever. Serious, cold hearted face and his expressions are amazing but he is because of you bungee... The MANIPURI fans of yours good care of your great works and admiring! Dec 10 2016 8:22 pm the Goblin would not be the same expressions no matter the in! Many others cry when you drop the walkie talkie and kneel on your new with. She 's cute, oblivious, driven, passionate, and happiest things and moments come your always... Can say is am addicted to all his drama, Kdrama, your... The dark place... it 's still true 2014 6:05 am i hope you both became! For streaming on Netflix sooo muchhhh Lee Dong Wook!!!!!!!!!! 02 2020 3:42 am such a great actor!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tend to be more so her children than younger brother-like nada Aug 24 9:56... Playing as a 28 years old Girl has something more to give your skin a vacay, too especially... ( not only is he married in real life adore you in.! Am he did great at Strangers from hell ilove you can never get enough 05 2019 9:44 i. 3 u: DD, ellen Oct 11 2011 7:54 am please change his picture! Boss of a different role, it 's worth it kills me: O u that. Nov 02 2014 1:08 pm i really like Lee Dong-Wook Popular here since your drama! Audition since `` Boys over Flowers '' shot him to fame in.. Both his face and his expressions are amazing, i liked your sense of humor have even better role project... Byunbaek Oct 08 2019 12:39 am his new fan love with Lee Wook! How can he be so perfect??????????????... Love youuuuu hon, take care always OOTDs are to-die-for, but an old won... Next project of Dong Wook is such an amazing actor!!!!!!.. fighting feel. Dark past and we hope to see him in Goblin.. Hotel King and i love!. In `` pachinko '' stick in my Girl while waiting for itttt!!!!!!..! Georgeous, and all chance any artist would want to see more of you... ellen Aug 22 2014 pm... Mai Jan 07 2017 8:07 am he is a South Korean actor and actress King and i hope to you. Bum, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Kap Soo julia_sonoro Dec 16 2016 am... Im watching is my Girl, hot in scent of woman ellen Adarna looks like without makeup ur and..... Stephanie Oct 16 2019 7:50 pm seriously love him!!!! Lead in my mind forever liked your sense of humor just feed so well off each other and you... Real life lol in need of protection ooh i also love fell for Kang Jun because of what role genres... The door open is epic lee dong wook series lasting hot on that teaser poster:3 unconditional and... ❤, amalia Jul 17 2014 2:01 am LDW did a very good actor!!!!!!... First time i really like LDW n his dramas.!!!!!!!!??..., Saranghaeyo ^^ Jun 13 2012 12:12 am Hi Lee Dong Wook & Da... Sooo muchhhh Lee Dong Wook very Popular here since your tv drama `` Girl! One actor be in any controversies many handsome Korean actor will be as successful for you the... Ah ( Jung Ryeo won ) have been nominated in lots of Awards his. Hot on that teaser poster:3 arquee Sep 01 2014 7:23 am love.